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Personal Training

Onpoint are a team of experienced, professional and award winning personal trainers who specialise in weight loss, strength training, injury rehab/prevention and Kickboxing.

Whether you're new to exercise or looking to achieve and maintain a good level of fitness, we can provide bespoke training and nutrition advice to help you reach your goals.


Meet The Team



Sian is an award winning, celebrity personal trainer with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry.

Having been a professional fitness model who has travelled the world competing in female physique shows, Sian knows exactly what it takes to get in great shape and has helped hundreds of women get ready for their summer holidays and weddings with great success.

Sian now divides her time between being a mum, personal trainer and health and fitness blogger who regularly contributes to women's health and fitness magazines.

Sian specialises in female strength training, body sculpting, weight loss, pre/post natal and personalised nutrition.

Director - note: results may vary



With over 15 years experience in Kung Fu and Kickboxing, Jay has travelled the world competing in Kickboxing shows, where he won numerous British and international titles.

After winning the Maximuscle body of 2009, Jay bacame a published fitness model and competed in bodybuilding and physique shows all over the world.

Recently voted as the best personal trainer in Hertfordshire by Muddy Stilettos, we are proud to have Jay as part of our team.

Jay's specialises in Kickboxing, sports conditioning, body sculpting and personalised nutrition.

Director - note: results may vary

MichellePersonal Trainer


Michelle has been with OnPoint since 2015 and recently completed her level 3 personal trainer qualification.

As the head coach of our Team Training sessions including the new and very popular women's weight training class, WOW, she is a great example to all our clients and her vast knowledge on health and fitness makes her a great addition to our team.

Michelle specialises in female strength training, body sculpting, weight loss and personalised nutrition.

Personal Trainer - note: results may vary

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