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How To Bulletproof Your New Year Fitness Resolutions Posted 10th January 2018 at 11:01

I’m sure you’ve read plenty of social media posts and magazine articles blabbing on about the percentage of people who give up their new year fitness resolutions by Feb or Easter or whatever date they make up. So instead of joining the long list of textbook bloggers and personal trainers, we thought we would mix it up a bit and say good on you for committing to make a change and rather than put you off, provide some information that may inspire and help you to keep it going.

Create a Plan

If you want to make it work and more importantly, last, you will need to have a little sit down and plan your mission. Ultimately you need to create something that you can stick to, so if it requires too much change to your current lifestyle, it’s probably not going to last. Remember, you will need to fit the exercise in and make time to prepare and eat the right food. This will require change. For some people, change is not welcome. Don’t let it become something that hinders your work or home life but rather improves it. A top tip would be to write down your idea of the perfect day then work back, even if it means just changing one thing and when that becomes a habit, look to add another one.

Don’t Do It Alone

When the going gets tough, even the toughest drop off, so don’t be ashamed. But one way to guarantee you stay on track and focused is by joining a group or hiring a personal trainer to help with accountability. Beautifully put by one of our Team Training members… “Being a part of the OnPoint community not only gives you access to the training and nutritional expertise, advise and support of the trainers, but the encouragement and team spirit of your fellow onpointers – an immesurable driving force you won’t find at a normal gym!”

Be Realistic

Right, that’s it! Get all the junk out of the cupboards. Empty the fridge. I’m getting on it. I’m joining the gym, going every day and by easter I’m going to be 2 stone lighter!”

Steady on bruv…

Let’s stop and have a little think here. What makes you think that will be sustainable?

I know your intentions are good and your heart is in the right place but it’s a completely different lifestyle to the one you have been living. Not that I don’t believe you can do it but I would much rather you still be doing it come next January.

So let’s create an exercise plan you can easily stick to and work on improving your existing diet, not follow one and hope it works. (taken from an actual conversation with my client)

This, in my opinion, is the biggest reason people end up quitting after a while. That and the lack of support and guidance from friends and industry professionals who would rather film people’s failed attempts than help them!

Oh well, at least there’s OnPoint…

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