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5 TIPS TO AVOID WEIGHT GAIN THIS CHRISTMAS Posted 1st December 2017 at 11:18

It’s not difficult to see how many people can put on weight over Christmas, it’s lasting over a month for some of of us including New Year!

The Starbucks Christmas ‘red cups’ are back, the giant Quality Street chocolates are cropping up by shop checkouts, mince pies were out in September (to be honset, I couldnt resist…!) and every advertiser is telling you to ‘indulge this Christmas’.

It used to be just the three days, 24th, 25th, 26th, so not too damaging around your waistline, but theres usually a work do, a friend’s do, a family do, a dinner with a partner and before you know it... you’re Christmassed out!

A regular treat ‘here and there’ over such a long period of time can often be the downfall of staying on track.

Lets look at a very modest week of Christmas spirit, a few treats over seven days.

Let’s say you decided to have: a couple of mince pies, two glasses of wine, two festive lattes and ten celebration chocolates over the seven days. These foods and drinks have added an extra 1780 calories over that week, on top of your normal diet. Over 1 month that’s an extra 7120 calories from a little treat ‘here and there’. And to be honest, that is quite a restrained example.

From experience with clients and myself, I know that some people will quite happily have their festive latte every day, Monday to Saturday and embrace limited edition ‘red cups’. Six of those at 370 calories a pop will give you a nice 2,220 extra calories to deal with in a week. 8,880 over a month. Wow. Couple that with often becoming more inactive and the fact your Christmas dinner alone can be in the figure of 3500 calories…’s easy to see how things can go wrong.

I think it’s important to remember that the country is unlikely to run out of chocolate. Or Mince Pies. Or Quality Street. There is no need to eat as though it will! As always, you have to take responsibility for what you put into your mouth and the outcome on your body.

By all means enjoy Christmas delights, it’s a wonderful time of year with family and amazing food but be mindful.

Here are 5 tips to avoid feeling a little heavier in the new year!

1) keep hydrated! Thirst is often confused with hunger making you eat when not needed. It helps you digest your food and reduces bloating. Have more when drinking alcohol and alternate alcoholic drinks and water.

2) Stick to your usual food for the majority of the week and plan in your Christmas parties.

3) Don’t let yourself get hungry. Keep your whey protein handy at work for snacks, I encourage all clients to have a shake before their party so they don’t arrive hungry.

4) Keep exercising! Will keep you motivated, keep your body burning calories, help you stay fit and in condition and make you feel mentally better over the season.

5) Be mindful. Think about the bigger picture. Be the person who had a great Christmas but still kept on track, so January means improving your training and adding new goals instead of the same old same old resolutions.

So the long and short of it is... enjoy yourself but keep active and don’t go too mad. However, if you're starting to look for a personal trainer in Hertford to help you get fit and shift some timber in the new year, contact us today and book yourself a consultation with our team.

One less thing to think about in Jan!

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