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OnPoint is a private training facility located between Hertford and Ware.

Our team combine over 20 years experience in personal training and group fitness and have won numerous awards in both amateur and professional sports.

If you're looking for highly qualified and professional personal trainers in Hertfordshire that will provide fun and varied training, bespoke guidance with nutrition and full support outside of the sessions to ensure you not only enjoy working out but go on to achieve fantastic results, look no further.

"Being a part of the Onpoint community not only gives you access to the training and nutritional expertise, advise and support of the trainers, but the encouragement and team spirit of your fellow OnPointers - an immeasurable driving force that I've never found at a normal gym."


In Numbers

0.00" Average Waist Size Lost in first 3 months
0.0kg Average weight Lost in first 3 months
0 Dedicated Staff Working to help you acheive your goals
0 Calories Burned On average, per month

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Let's Keep Going! Posted 13th January 2017 at 19:08

It's Friday 13th which is unlucky for some! Infact, around 63% are set to quit their New Year diet today! A lot of people would have gone in a bit too hard and will be suffering with a lot of muscle soreness right now, and many would have completely changed the way they eat which is turning out to be a big shock to the system and quite frankly, a bit unrealistic. So, what better time to... Read more