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OnPoint is a family run business, supported by a dedicated team of fitness professionals. Our passion is in the coaching and motivating of individuals and groups of people to improve their lifestyles through exercise and nutrition. What makes OnPoint unique is we have a great community spirit and that is evident in all the new friendships that have been created outside of the gym. If you're looking for a fun and diverse environment to achieve your health and fitness goals, look no further.

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The Truth About Crash Diets Posted 17th October 2016 at 08:40

If your plan is to drop weight fast then 'crash diets' also known as 'fad diets' do work. The problem is they come with health implications and don't really last which is why we don't promote them at Onpoint. You may like what you see on the scales, you may feel a bit tighter and lighter but wouldn't it be great if we could feel like that all year round? There's nothing we like more than bumping... Read more